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Grace Cook


tānisi, kahkithaw kitatamiskātināwāw niwahkōmākanak īkwa nitōtīmak kīwītinohk, sāwanohk, macikīsikanohk īkwa apiscikīwītinosihk ohci.

Hello! To all my relatives and friends from the north, south, east and west.

My name is Grace Cook. I'm a resident of Stanley Mission but work in La Ronge. I was born and raised in Stanley Mission by my late parents Norman and Lizzie McLeod. I come from a large close knit family of four caring sisters and six brothers, with numerous nieces and nephews.

I'm married and have two daughters. Both daughters have B. Ed. Degrees and both speak and write their own language (woodland Cree).I'm also blessed with three granddaughters and two grandsons. My grandchildren, your children your grandchildren are my inspiration on reviving, retaining and maintaining our language and culture.

I started my teaching career around 1975 as a Native Instructor for Northern Lights School Division #113 at Brabant Lake. While I worked for Northern Lights School Division, I enrolled in NORTEP and graduated with a Standard Teaching Certificate in 1981. After graduating from NORTEP, I continued teaching at Brabant Lake.

Wanting my children to be close to their grandparents and relatives, we moved back to Stanley Mission in 1984. Since then I have been working for the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Education branch as a classroom teacher, vice principal and Cree Language teacher at Keethanow Elementary School.

I took one year of Education leave in 1990 and received a professional 'A' Teaching Certificate from U of R.

I taught Cree Language for about eleven years. I am a member of the Northern Cree Language Retention Committee and I have been involved in many other Cree language and culture projects and issues.

During my years as a Cree language teacher, I saw how fast we were losing our language and culture. Fewer and fewer students were coming to school with their first language. I realized we had to do something different. We needed to create interesting and motivational activities for the Cree language and culture program.

I joined the Gift of Language and Culture Project on June 04, 2004 as a Cree Language Curriculum Developer and Advisor. I enjoy my work and I am finally able to help in creating activities for children learning Cree Language and Culture.

ikosi pitamā


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