Leda Corrigal

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tānisi! My name is Leda Corrigal. I am originally from Beauval. I have extended family members in Canoe Lake First Nation and in Ile-a-la-Crosse. I am very proud to say that I am fluent in the Cree/Michif languages. My late grandparents from Canoe Lake and other extended family members have been important in my life that have contributed in determining my personal identity and to develop my sense of belonging. My late father, Ralph Laliberte, was a very significant and important person in my life. He encouraged me not to lose sight of my attaining the best and to continue to set achievable personal goals.

I am very privileged to be part of a unique partnership, The Gift of Language and Culture Project. I began work with the Curriculum Resource Unit in La Ronge as a Curriculum Developer/Consultant in August 2005. I have been involved with the project from the beginning in 2003 through my work with the Aboriginal Languages Project with Northern Lights School Division #113.

During my teaching career, I taught in the elementary, middle and high school classrooms. I was a regular classroom teacher and a Cree and Native Studies teacher. I also taught Cree 100/101 at the Northern Teacher Education Program. My personal interests include the retention of Aboriginal languages, traditions and culture. As an Aboriginal Language teacher, I was particularly concerned with the amount of relevant and adequate resources that were available especially in the area of Second Language instruction. I feel very fortunate to work with planning and initiating teaching strategies to assist in the areas of revitalization and retaining the language and culture of Aboriginal people.

I take great pleasure in working with others who are genuinely interested and concerned about the quality of Aboriginal education. I am greatly concerned about the state of disparity and the crisis situation of all Aboriginal languages. I have a passion to continue to strive on improving curriculum development and researching teaching methods and strategies that would assist Aboriginal language teachers and parents. Teaching and promotion of Aboriginal languages is one of the priorities for me. The personal interactions with others assist in forming bonds and in gaining valuable knowledge to create and share memorable experiences.

ikosi pitamā