Birds: (185 KB) This activity has land and waterfowl birds, four of each with enhanced audio features. Audio by Leda Corrigal

Fish: (203 KB) This activity has the names of five (5) fish. Audio by Leda Corrigal

Wild Animals: (510 KB) This is a set of three activities presenting 28 Wild Animals, from the bear to the wolverine. Audio by Charlie Venne


Female Kinship & Male Kinship Terms: (522 KB) Extended family in first person possessive for females. Audio by Leda Corrigal & Charlie Venne


Astronomical Terms: (342 KB) This activity displays animated Astronomical Terms such as, stars and northern lights. Audio by Dolores Sand

Six Seasons: (438 KB) Break-up and freeze-up are added to the conventional four seasons. Audio by Leda Corrigal


Classroom Objects: (196 KB) This activity displays all possible objects you would see in the classroom. Everything is included: from the chalk to the clock.  Audio by Leda Corrigal

Food: (7 KB) These pages shows all types of food from the milk, bread, meat, fruits & vegetables categories. Audio by Leda Corrigal

Transportation: (28 KB) There are three separate Flash movies that display transportation by land, water and air. Audio by Leda Corrigal


Animate Colours: (277 KB) & Inanimate Colours: (241 KB) These activities present animate and inanimate colours of the Plains Cree. A simple and easy to understand interface is used. Audio by Leda Corrigal

Days of the Week: (161 KB) This activity is a simple display of the seven days of the week.  Audio by Leda Corrigal