Anne Toutsaint-Gordon


Edlanet’e! My name is Anne Toutsaint-Gordon and I am a member of Black Lake Denesuline First Nation. I am a fluent Denesuline speaker, and I can read and write in my language. Currently, I am employed at the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC)-Education as a Denesuline Language and Culture Consultant. I develop Denesuline Curriculum and teaching materials for teachers in the Athabasca region.

Prior to attaining my degree, I attended Grant McEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta. I have successfully completed the studies in Native Women of Canada. Later on, I returned to school and attained a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan. In 1995, I relocated back to Black Lake, with my husband David and my three wonderful sons, Mark, Chris and Jared. I taught at the Father Porte Memorial Dene School for seven years.

My passion is my language and culture, besides my family. I am compelled to document every single Denesuline word in the Denesuline Curriculum development with the Gift of Language and Culture Project.

I strongly believe the language in every culture is the key to one’s identity. It is a powerful gift from the Creator and it is meant to be pass on to new generations. My professional goals are to promote and preserve the Denesuline language and culture, and retain the beautiful gift of language for future generations.

Marsi chogh!