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Fonts used in our Resources::
Cree Comic Sans
Woods Cree Syllabics (keyboard layout)
ArialDEN K-dialect
denefonts112 (WinMac) T - Dialect (keyman layout download- PDF)

Flash and PDF is used throughout the site so you will need to download the latest Flash Player and PDF reader.



The Gift of Language and Culture Website is an Aboriginal lanuage site developed by the Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) Curriculum Resource Unit (CRU). The language site’s focal point is on Instructional Curriculum development for Nursery to Grade 9. There are many other features such as, Native stories, songs, and talking pictures. Native language Vocabulary Exercises are available in Flash for people of all ages to learn Cree TH, Y, or N dialect and even Dene. The site features Aboriginal language Resources for use in schools or at home. Several of these resources have been enhanced in Flash as Audible Resources for easy learning. A Photo Gallery displays several albums featuring nature, people, and various activities. Videos presenting northern people are available in wmv and YouTube format. A feature has been added to accommodate syllabic learners: Syllabic Matching Quizzes, where a learner drags and drops syllabic symbols to the appropriate text box. Thank you for visiting.