Part 1 blankets, meat drying rack, rug, tent pole, paddle, roasting stick, snowshoe, thread, sock, Part 2 pail, on earth, the earth, hat, netsinker, caribou, dog, child
Part 1 porcupine, landing spot for canoes, plow wind, tooth brush, crown, an elder, it rains or rain, snake, Part 2 fish, bedrock, a garden or farm, your dog, snow, pig, a camp fire, a stove
Part 1 match, tub, corn cob, wolf, fox, shovel, bag, shoe, grass, table, food, bead, Part 2 teepee, feather, fence, fruit or berry, tooth, road, popular tree, nose, spruce tree, island, chicken, foot, Part 3 horse, cabin, tail, pants, mouth, moose, ground or floor, clown, knife, cow, loon
Part 1 fisher, root, whooping crane, button, pickerel, rosehip, portage, pilot, jack pine, bird tail feathers, Part 2 beaver dam, pipe, vehicle, plate cup, judge, his/her heart, strawberry, his/her boat, trapper
Part 1 leather, gun, dryer, peanut, a three year old beaver, ice water hole, rope, month or sun, Part 2 clock, vest, sand fly, gum, lard or grease or oil or gas, bird, cat
Part 1 flower, mirror, marten, swan, rabbit, small bay, shoreline, window, elk, egg, Part 2 muskrat, mountain, fish scale, trap, narrows, cloud, marrow, broom, small lodge, swing, meat


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